6 top Magento Extensions for an Enhanced User Experience 

 May 22, 2016

Being a phenomenal eCommerce platform, Magento is known to be the first choice for leading brands when we are concerned of developing any productive online shopping portal that can sell products effectively. It’s an inherent fact that Magento is the most powerful CMS platform to create online stores. But, for professionals with an aim to enhance the productivity of their ecommerce websites, it is better to deploy Magento extensions. As advised by the Magento developers, following here are some of the most talked-about Magento extensions, which certainly increase the functionality of websites.

XML Sitemaps
It is known to be one of the most effective Magento extensions for providing a precise sitemap of your ecommerce store in an XML file which, happens to be crucial in upgrading the SEO results. It serves as an effective add-on for displaying the links by maintaining a specific arrangement for search engines like Google and Bing that aid in simplifying the indexing and crawling process. Moreover, if the site comprises around 50000 URLs or more, this add-on will offer the authority to you for developing a series of different sitemaps.
WordPress Integration
If you are eager to link the blog section of WordPress with your Magento online store, then it is a wiser choice to use the WordPress Integration extension developed by FishPig. The Magento Enterprise and Magento Community Edition are well concerned with WordPress Integration , which is thus, compatible for both of them.
It supports a wide variety of languages like Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Brazilian and Chinese. This in turn, aids in increasing the popularity of Magento across a large pool of people worldwide.
Are you interested in keeping an eye on clicks, conversions, sign ups and engagements etc? If, it is so, then it is better to go ahead with Optimizely, a Magento extension. This was brought to existence by Blue Acorn with association with Optimizely, an enterprise aimed to develop optimization software across a wide array of companies. The main purpose behind developing this platform is simplifying integration between Magento, a popular ecommerce platform and a well-established conversion optimization software.
Moo CloudZoom
This particular extension helps in experiencing a flawless and effective zoom movement, defining opacity of the lens, specifying the position and dimensions of zoom window and hiding and reflecting the title on zoom window. While deploying this extension, cloudZoom helps in replacing the actual image gallery of Magento. By deploying it, you will be able to hover image of any particular product, thereby checking it effectively.
Multiple options selected in Layered Integration
Being a stunning Magento extension, it helps customers of an online shopping portal to navigate it better. It helps in simplifying the navigation of store by letting users to make use of multiple values, especially when it is related to filtering a product.
An epitome of additional features
It offers a handful of additional features, while it comes to integrating and operating the most viewed items. Moreover, it aids in deciphering the actual shopping trends practiced by consumers. This significant piece of information is helpful to increase sales because of the cross-selling mechanism.
Thus, with these avant-garde Magento extensions, the task of Magento developers becomes much easy to develop well-structured ecommerce websites, which are appealing and user-friendly.
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