ideas for a Summer wedding menu 

 October 4, 2022

Summer weddings look stunning – but you have to try extra hard to plan things that are appropriate to the weather. For example, for the wedding venue, you need to think about how you are going to ventilate the place. Similarly, you need to think about what you are going to feed your guests.

Mostly because not every food is edible during summers. You can have the food, but it will cause trouble for something. Therefore, we have made a little guide for your assistance. Here are some ideas for a summer wedding menu.


For your appetizers, you need to serve the guests something light. It’s because if you are hosting your wedding in summer – you need to make sure the food stays intact. So, try to include things that are easy to take so you can set up a counter for it. Here are some ideas for the setup.

Fruit bar – fruits are always a great option. You can set up a fruit bar and serve them with different condiments. It will be a refreshing snack for everyone. To be on the same side – include fruits that the majority of the people like for example, mangoes.

Crab cakes – crab cakes taste delicious and they are easy to eat. So, you can include them in your appetizers.

Shrimps – This might seem silly but shrimps can make up for a good snack. To make it easier, you can stack it up on a shashlik stick. People can enjoy them while the main course arrives.

Main course

For the main course, you can include items that are liked by the majority of people. So, everyone can enjoy their food. Here are some great options.

Prawn linguini – prawns are absolutely delicious and when you mix them with noodles, it is a great combination. You can have two options, a spicy one and a nonspicy one.

Sandwiches – yes, you may think that sandwiches are casual. But, there is nothing as “causal” in food. You can play around with different fillings. On top of this, they will stay fresh for a long time

You can have vegan options too. So, anyone who doesn’t eat meat can also enjoy the wedding food.

Grilled chicken – this one will be the most popular option on the menu. You can include different dips and sides to make it diverse.

For example, fries and sautéed vegetables. Similarly, you can also include mashed potatoes. They are filling and delicious.


This is where the fun begins!

Wedding cake – yes, you can use your wedding cake as dessert. It’s not for decoration. After people get done with the food, you can serve everyone a slice of cake.

Lemon tart – some people may not like to have the cake as dessert. So, you can include a minimal dessert like lemon tart.

It will be easier to serve and people can eat it without struggling too much.


For drinks, keep it casual. Here are some options.

Iced tea – if you are serving sandwiches, iced tea can make up for a great option. You can include different options like peach iced tea and lemon iced tea.

Soda – you do not need to arrange fancy drinks for the wedding. Just include a couple of soda drinks and you will be sorted.

Just make sure that the drinks are ice cold so the guests can enjoy them.


After you save the dates and send wedding invitations online. Try to plan a spread for the wedding menu. Take a look at this guide and create a list for yourself.

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