Understanding the Different Parts of a Dab Rig 

 March 9, 2022

If you are looking for new and different ways to consume cannabis and related products, you might be curious about dab rigs. There are several reasons to choose a dab rig, from the cleanliness of using such equipment, to the different types of high you experience utilizing the rig. No matter your reasoning for curiosity or why you have chosen to purchase a dab rig, here are a few important pointers to help you understand the different parts of the rig and how they function.

Before getting into the details of different parts, you need to know what a dab rig is. Dab rigs are essentially a water pipe for concentrated formulas that are called dabs for consuming your cannabis. These concentrates are favored by many consumers due to such large concentrates, as they can contain 80% to 90% cbd. Dabs can be consumed in various ways, with dab rigs being the most popular method. This leads to a favored taste, as optimal heating temperatures do not combust the product.

A Dab Rig Body Composition

The traditional dab rig is made simple, involving a nail connected to the main chamber through a joint. The nail is sometimes referred to as a banger. If you are looking to purchase pieces separately, you will still want to find a Carb Cap Combo, as this ensures that your cap and banger are fitted appropriately. There are different types of bangers and caps that provide a variety of functions such as allowing you to keep your rig heated longer. This is key, as it is where your concentrate will enter after the compartment has been heated.

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Your dab rig will typically carry everything you need to get started, so if you are just starting out, you won’t have to worry too much about different customization aspects. Once you get more heavily interested and invested in hobby and recreational consumption, you will find a huge variety of different custom rigs that are only limited by creativity and imagination.

Dab Tool

A dab tool is an external piece of equipment essential for your dab consumption. It is what transfers the concentrate from its packaging to your dab rig. You want to purchase a tool that ensures its quality for your health and safety. Consider the material of the tool, as it will have to withstand high temperatures. Certain materials may be more expensive but will likely be made with more heat-resistant material that ensures it will not melt or compromise under intense heat. 

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Hand Torch

Unlike other cannabis consumption methods like smoking or utilizing a bong where a lighter is your primary heating tool, the torch is the equipment of choice when it comes to dab rigs. The reason you will be using a torch is to vaporize the concentrate efficiently and quickly. Using a lighter would result in your concentrate not vaporizing effectively, leaving residue or a puddle of concentrate sitting in your banger, meaning that you did not heat the compartment high enough. You can use a torch that you might also use in your kitchen for cooking and baking needs such as a creme brulee. It is important to note that you do not want to use larger torches such as blowtorches. These will heat up your rig too high, as those are meant for significantly hot temperatures.

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Water And The Chamber

Although not exactly hard to get, water is essential to your dab rig. A key component of every dab rig is the water chamber. This is where you will have just enough water to allow for the ideal vaporization when you are heating your rig. The ideal level of water you need is just enough to allow for your chamber to bubble but low enough so that when you pull, you are not getting any of that water coming up.


The reason for the popularity of dab rigs is the ability to consume concentrates, which involve much higher levels of cannabis intake because of the way it is consumed. There are many different types of concentrates when it comes to cannabis products that you want to consider for your dab rig, from resin, shatter to co2. The concentrates themselves will vary in terms of flavor, potency, and smoothness, amongst other things. Your preference for concentrate will vary due to your personal choice, so it will take time to learn which ones you like.

Cannabis crumble concentrate

It is important that before you commit to deb methods and purchase your dab rig, you understand how effective and powerful this method of delivery these concentrates are to your body. You should do your research, speak with people that have experience and knowledge with these products, and take caution.

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