Top 5 PDF Mergers that Worth Trying in 2022 

 August 16, 2022

While we agree that PDF formats consist of the more common and generally accepted format, one may often require PDF mergers to condense various related texts.

For example, when one needs to forward several invoices, reports, or texts that could be put together in one comprehensive report. Or when someone has to email various PDF texts that could be sent as one file. Or even when you just want a decluttered and organized desktop of seemingly random documents.

At any of these points, PDF mergers can come in handy to solve those challenges. So, in this post, we have put together the best five mergers that you should try.

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How to Merge Multiple PDFs with Desktop PDF Programs

By employing the ideal platform, anyone may merge PDF files into an extensive article. Plus, one may get a fillable PDF that won’t require copying and altering the format of the document before converting it to a complete portable format document.

However, Windows users still need a separate digital platform to combine pdfs into a sole text. Because currently, no incorporated tool can fuse over two pdf texts.

How to Merge Multiple PDFs Online

A simple Google search will present a plethora of affordable or zero-fee platforms to split and merge PDFs online. So, if one is thinking about what platforms to choose, we have streamlined the numerous platforms to 5 that are sure to work.

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#1. Luminpdf

Lumin is an online platform that presents a suite of digital features for annotation, collaboration, and sending pdf texts online. It also allows for PDF split and merges of one’s articles.

So, if a firm seeks to reduce paper, redeem the time, as well as stay organized, they should try Luminpdf to combine PDF files in these simple steps.


Visit, hover on “PDF tools,” then go for the “Merge” option.


Hit “Upload a document” option then sign in.


Pull your preferred text or go for the “Upload” choice and pick the text from your storage location or Computer.

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After selecting the texts to condense, one my remove the pages that ore obsolete and go for the “Merge” choice.


Every other part in the pdf text are automatically merged as one PDF document.

#2. Smallpdf

The smallpdf platform offers a bunch of features for office collaboration ranging from changing document formats, including signatures on pdf texts, as well as pdf to pdf merge.


Pull the PDF text to the box provided. Or hit the “Choose file” button to import the text from other storage locations.


Hit “Merge Files” option or “Merge Pages.”

Note: The latter option is only accessible with a premium version.

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Go for “Add more PDFs” option to include other articles to be fused. The “File mode” ensures that one can view selected texts as thumbnails.


After successfully implementing the alterations, hit “Merge PDF.”


Then proceed to save the condensed portable document format.

For someone who doesn’t mind paying for combing documents, try Smallpdf’s pro version after the 7 days free trial and subscribe every month or year.

#3. ILovePDF

The ILovePDF platform is preferably for firms or individuals that often love and work with pdf texts. ILovePDF may also be utilized as a pdf splitter allowing one to alter the text format, ensuring pdf fill online, editing, and removal of security locks.

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Upload the pdf text to be condensed by going for the “Select PDF files” option.

Or send from other storage locations like the Google Drive.


With this platform, one may as well view thumbnails, turn or delete a text from the queue. After upload the text, hit “Merge PDF.”


At this point, the fused text will start downloading immediately. You can then go for the “Download merged PDF” option.

Note: The ILovePDF platform also has a feature that lets users delete their personal information in texts they have uploaded.

#4. PDF Merge

This platform is related to Soda PDF, a suite of PDF tools. However, this platform is specially reserved to merge pdf documents.

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Unlike the other SodaPDF tools that necessitate a regular payment plan – monthly or yearly – PDF merge is zero-fee as long as your texts are less than 10MB.


On the home page, you will see an option to choose the text that you want to fuse.


Then you can include other texts that you want to fuse.


After including the texts you want to condense, initiate the merging process. One may preview a condensed text to ensure that it properly edited before storing on the device.

#5. DocuPub

Although this web platform doesn’t allow the same amazing features as its counterparts, you can rest assured that the merging process fast and straightforward.

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One of its perks includes the ability for you to condense numerous texts in varying types, like Ms Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.

However, these single texts should not exceed 20MB in size.


Start by transfering your text to be fused onto the platform


You can opt for the same option to include other texts that you want to fuse.


After transferring the texts, opt for “Merge Files” to combine PDFs online.


After condensing your texts, the platform sends the users to fresh website page. So you can visit the “merged.pdf” web link to preview the extensive text.

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You can now proceed to store the comprehensive text by right-clicking and picking “Save target as.”

This platform – DocuPub – allows one compress pdf online, as well as change the size and scale. A user may seek to compress pdf file if they have a size limit.


You need to consider your requirements to decide on the most preferred fusing features you would need. As an occasional user, one might simply utilize the free part of the platform with limited features.

But if your business frequently needs to condense texts, consider getting premium platform offers and features.

Also, check the tool’s caveats, like those that included daily combining limits or maximum megabytes or gigabytes for every text. You will need a tool to make pdf smaller.

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Additionally, get a premium tool to merge pdfs like LuminPDF that guarantees the privacy of your documents, especially if you work with sensitive information.

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