The Different Types of Heels and How to Choose the Best Style for You 

 March 2, 2022

Brick heel or cowboy, a shot glass or heels, a platform or a block – what is the difference between them, what is more convenient, and, of course, fashionable? So, in this article, we are going to speak about types of heels and what it is better to choose nowadays depending on your style:


In other words, it is just tight dense padding on the sole. They can be hardly called heels, but nevertheless. Almost every type of flat-soled shoe has a similar invisible “rise”, which usually amounts to 0.5-2 centimeters. Most often, the Viennese heels can be found on ballet flats or sandals, but it is also widespread among other types of shoes – loafers, derbies, ankle boots.

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Models of shoes with such a heel are characterized by stability and practicality. The brick heel, as it is not difficult to guess, is square-rectangular in shape, slightly rounded at the back. The rise of it ranges from 2 to 4 centimeters, and most often, this type, like the Viennese one, can be found on men’s shoes, however, it is also popular with women.


This heel is difficult to confuse with anything. The main feature of it is a recognizable form, and not a height, which, by the way, can be absolutely any. The word “wedge-shaped” in the name hints that the heel looks like a wedge, so, a figure tapering downwards. It is very interesting, that this type of heels is considered the most universal – it fits many models of shoes and can be combined with almost any clothing (dresses, trousers, shorts, skirts — anything). By the way, it visually slims the leg and stretches the silhouette.

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Fans of westerns will definitely like this part of the article. The cowboy heel has a low square-shaped form with a beveled back. It is quite widespread on cowboy boots or oxfords, which are especially popular nowadays. Such boots are perfectly combined with jeans of absolutely different types, so, feel free to choose not only skinny but also flared. In addition to this, these shoes look great with flying dresses, cardigans, elongated vests, and with everything cowboy.

Shot glass

The type of heel usually does not exceed 5 cm. As for the shape, it is not difficult to guess, that it recognizes a glass, which has a wide top and narrow bottom. A shot glass heel is a kind of middle ground between flat-heeled shoes and stilettos. You can safely choose this heel if you want to look elegant, but at the same time, you want to feel comfortable. It also fits perfectly with any clothes. By the way, such heels are worn by Latin American dancers. So, these shoes will be great looks on the dance floor.

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From 5 cm and above – that’s how smoothly we moved from geometric “bricks” and “cones” to high, favorite heels, which we choose for the evening in the restaurant, for the important meetingы, or just when we want to look irresistible. The Block Heels are perhaps the most common type of high heels, as well as the most stable, as even at 12-15 cm you will feel comfortable. The heel fits tightly to the sole, does not deform anywhere, but on the contrary, matches its name — as a column stands durably on the ground. These shoes are comfortable for everyday wear, you can choose them for the office and for the party.

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Well, what would we do without elegant, leg-lengthening stilettos? Do not think that the stilettos resemble something like a needle or a pin in shape, most often it is much more stable and “thick” (1-2 cm in thickness). Now it is easy to find it on any model of shoes, sandals, or ankle boots. Properly selected stilettos, which height is 7 cm or more— are an indispensable attribute of the evening image.


Such shoes are very comfortable and stable, that is why they are often can be found in spring-summer collections. In general, the platform is a solid sole with a rise, which can be of different heights, from about 5 to 18-20 cm.

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This one is consists of special layers called flicks. The flick is an intermediate piece made of leather or cardboard, the thickness of which matches the layered heel. Most often, such heels do not exceed 10 cm in height. Sometimes the layers of flicks are painted in different colors to give the shoe originality.


And finally, the last type of heel on our list is the one that you don’t often see on the streets. Figure heels are all those incredible and unthinkable models of shoes on crazy platforms and stilettos. “Creative heels”, as they are often called, can be seen on the ready-to-wear and couture catwalks during fashion weeks in Paris, London, or New York, or in the concerts and clips of the word stars.

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