The 3 Steps to Choosing a College Major 

 March 20, 2022

Going to university is a big step in your life. It’s what is going to determine how the rest of your life goes. This is why it’s really important to choose the right major. Of course, it’s ok to make a mistake and change majors during college without it affecting you negatively. However, when you pick the right degree from the get-go, your experience is going to go so much better.

Once you know what your perfect major is then you can use a university finder to find the perfect college, too. Every college has a different focus so it’s important to go to the college that offers the major that you’re most interested in. In this article, we will go over the best ways to figure out which major is suited for you:

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1. Find the In-Demand Jobs

There are certain jobs in industries that are always going to be hiring. If you’re motivated by being future-proof then finding these jobs that will be around no matter what the economy is like is really important. In-demand jobs are also usually high paying and that adds to your resiliency going forward. 

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Resiliency comes when you have a job that is always in-demand in an industry that will always be around. It also means that you will be able to take loans out for tuition knowing that you will be making a salary high enough to pay them back and still be able to do things like pay rent or buy a house later on. Finally, you have the ability to move up in your career.

Majors in STEM are some of the most obvious ones since everything relies on either programming, science, and medicine. There are so many different fields under the STEM umbrella that you should be able to find a niche that you are most interested in. 

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2. What Are Your Interests?

When you are studying something that interests you the chances of you excelling in school are much higher. When you study something that you aren’t interested in then the opposite effect takes place. You are more likely to struggle with your studies and then will not be very happy in a job in that field. 

Take the time to write down a list of the things you are interested in. it doesn’t even matter if some of these things sound totally unrealistic. Put it down on paper and then you may be surprised to find that there is a degree that corresponds with many of your interests. 

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3. Talk To An Advisor

An academic advisor has seen it all and they understand people very well. Sitting down with one will give you a lot of insight into the possibilities since they will be able to figure out a good direction for you. They may even suggest a personality test that will allow you to see the way you’re suited to certain majors or professions. This will give you a good foundation of things to consider before settling on a major. 

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Those three steps will help make finding your dream job a bit easier.

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