Taste Change Fun—Foods to Pair with Mberry Miracle Fruit Pills 

 January 9, 2022

Plants like Synsepalum dulcificum are known to make sour foods sweet. Many people know this plant in names such as miracle fruits, sweet berries, and miraculous berry. This is an evergreen shrub that is common in West Africa, and some use it as medicine.

In food, the miracle fruit is a kind of a sugar-free sweetener for limes and lemons. Consumers who have taken some miracle berry tablets said that the lemons become lemonade to the taste, strawberries become powdered sugar, and vinegar turns into apple juice. Many who want to drink apple cider vinegar can actually enjoy the beverage with the sweetener’s help.

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The active ingredient found in the fruit is Miraculin. This is a glycoprotein that creates a sweet taste that’s ideal for people who love sugary snacks. Once you have a packet of ten tablets of the berry, you may want to know more about the foods that you can pair them up with.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Where to Put your Mberry Pills

Greek Yogurt

You can change the taste of your favorite plain yogurt with just a single tablet of the berries. Many people may dislike the sour taste of plain Greek yogurt, but they still needed the protein in their diet.

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You can make your taste buds easily adjust with the help of the miracle fruits. You can see that the once sour yogurt is now tasting too sweet for your palate.


Many people in the Caribbean are familiar with tamarind. It’s a fruit that has potent antibiotic properties and tartaric acid that reduces inflammation. It helps strengthen the immune system of the human body.

However, even in its extracted form, many people are still complaining that tamarind can be harsh in the throat. The sour taste is sometimes not ideal for the taste buds. However, when you start taking the berry tablets before consuming the fruit, you may find that you can enjoy even the tamarind pulp, and the dish can help you benefit a lot.

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Citrus Fruits

Mineral Water, Lime, Mint, Glass, Drink, Cold, Fresh

You may see people having funny faces when they start eating limes, lemons, and grapefruits. You can tell by their reactions to how the fruits can be too acidic. You may find limes and lemons to have a pretty high pH level, but you won’t have a problem consuming them with the miracle berries’ help. 

You can also drink lemon water that can boost the immune system, and you will love the taste for a change. Adding a fresh grapefruit to your diet can improve your health, and consuming a tablet of the miracle berry 90 days before eating citrusy foods will help you avoid a sour face.

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The fresh varieties of strawberries can have sour tastes. Before you mix sugar into them, you should consider taking a tablet of miracle berries instead. Sugar will increase the amounts of calories, and the good thing is that you can avoid it altogether.

The pills can intensify the natural sweetness that you can find in strawberries to enjoy the benefits without the added sugar. You can read more about how the miracle berry can replace sugar when you click this link here.

Other Things to Know about the Miracle Berries

They are regarded as a superfood, and since they originated from a fruit, they are very healthy for the human body. It contains antioxidant and phytochemicals that can boost your immune system and help fight free radicals. You can also get Vitamins C, A, and E and flavonoids, polyphenols, and phenolics. The pulp of the fruit contains essential amino acids, which are the protein’s building blocks. 

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People love the berries because they are the ultimate game-changer in any food they prefer. They are the perfect companion that everyone should consider from fruit juices, yogurt parfaits, and fruit salads. If you prefer sweeter smoothies, the berries will enhance them, and they make delicious treats for everyone. 

People who have diabetes or toddlers who prefer sweeter snacks can now enjoy healthier diets without any extra sugars. The natural level of satisfaction eliminates the need for sweeteners, and the fruits and salads can become part of everyone’s diet every day.

This could also be a fun game to play with your friends—just lay out some bitter and/or tart items (like lemons, cream cheese, and vinegar), then have them eat the berry and have fun laughing at the taste changing experience.

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Have you ever tried these berries? Let us know in the comments below!

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