Seven Ways Nurses Can Promote a Healthy and Safe Workplace Environment 

 March 6, 2022

Nurses are one of the largest professional groups in the health sector worldwide. Whether it is a maternity home, hospital, clinic, or special care unit, they have an essential role in the health care spaces. As part of almost all medical setups, including clinical interactions and many clinical decision points, nurses’ primary responsibility is to maintain a healthy yet safe environment. A fit and safe environment is a basic need of patients, their attendants, medical health practitioners, hospital supporting staff, and the nurses’ community. 

Let’s learn about a few ways that can help you maintain a healthy yet safe environment in nursing settings:

  1. Professional Values

Professionalism is the basis of every workspace. Each health setup should have professional, experienced groups of workers that can help regulate a sound system. Professionalism in nurses is also an essential requirement so that the health care setup becomes safe, satisfying, and empowering. Effective communication between inter-professional workers leads to a healthy environment. Nurses must demonstrate professionalism in all their dealings and work, keeping their biases aside.

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Nurses must strive to stay abreast with the latest happenings in the industry. New developments give new dimensions to nursing and bring forth new practices. Since the world now offers distance learning options, you can enroll in an online RN to BSN program and hone your nursing skills. An advanced degree will help you sharpen your professionalism, and you will learn new ways of keeping the environment safe.

  1. Model Healthy Behaviors 

Nurses in a health care setup can model their professional behaviors by always being prepared. 

As a nurse, you deal with emergencies day in and day out, and fretting on small things makes the environment stiff and tense. You must consistently demonstrate a willingness to listen to others, mainly patients. In addition, practice empathy and be respectful to patient attendants even if they inform you about the signs and symptoms of the patients. 

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Model behaviors that create a safe atmosphere. Ensure that others around you do not feel intimidated in any way. Nurses’ attitudes can help establish a positive, healthy and safe atmosphere. 

  1. Effective and Safe Decision Making

Nurses play an essential role in the decision-making of any health care setup. The policy-making, evaluation of clinical care, assessment of the provided care, and other facilities at the health care setup are influenced by nurses’ opinions. Thus, nurses should have a command on these aspects to be an active part of all these processes. The organizational operations are also conducted under the supervision of nurses. They must have instant decision-making power while keeping an eye on the organization’s objectives. 

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Critical thinking skills, being observant and attention to detail help nurses make prompt yet effective decisions. Nurses often have to take immediate action, and they cannot ignore precautionary measures at any point. A strong presence of mind enables them to consider safety measures while making quick decisions. 

  1. Appropriate Staff Management

Just like all other professions, there are specialties of nurses as well. Some nurses are trained for ICU management, chemotherapy management, neonatal intensive care, gynecology and obstetrics trained nurses, and so much more. The appropriate staff management of the nurses is the key to maintaining a healthy and safe environment. Appoint the nurses in their respective specialties for efficiency, and all the processes stay streamlined.

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Besides, ensure proper rotation of duties. Nurses are overworked professionals. They often put in double shifts and work for eighteen to twenty hours straight, harming their mental and physical health. It increases their stress level and makes them prone to make errors. Appropriate management of nurses will ensure a safe environment for patients and nurses alike. 

  1. Authenticated Leadership

Nurse leaders must understand the importance of a healthy work environment and encourage others to maintain it. Authenticated leadership encourages respect, quality, ethical management, and effective communication among all healthcare professionals. All of these result in a healthy and safe environment at the health care setup. 

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Nursing leaders acquire the position with experience and have an in-depth insight into the field. They must ensure that RNs take care of satiation and provide appropriate care to the patients. Also, they must consider nurses’ health as a priority and ensure that they take their food on time. Nursing leaders must encourage their team to indulge in workouts and follow a healthy routine. Establishing a safe environment is only possible when nurses take care of their well-being. Leaders keep their crews safe and strive to solve their issues. 

  1. Relieve Stress

It is almost impossible to survive without stress in the modern world, and this profession is overwhelming. Nurses have a lot on their plate, which requires them to stay on their toes throughout the day. They should participate in activities that help them manage stress. 

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Take ten minutes break and practice meditation. You can go out in a park and inhale nature for a few minutes. It will help you manage your work stress and energize you to provide patients with the required attention and service.

  1. Practice Open Communication 

Communication skills are crucial for nurses. They need to communicate precisely, leaving no details out. In addition, they must have the ability to recognize the behavior of patients and be able to understand non-verbal cues. Similarly, they must communicate their expectations to patients and inform them that safety is for their benefit. Nurses should speak clearly so that the delivery of health services should be streamlined and error-free. 

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If you lack communication skills, you will fail to elaborate your stance to the patients, and they can misinterpret you. Better communication skills ensure error-free medication administration and pharmacovigilance

With all of these stated points, nurses can maintain a healthy yet safe environment in any health care setup. A healthy and safe work environment results in the dedication of nurses in their work, a decrease in burnout, a reduction in turnover, and provides better patient outcomes. Besides, it also boosts the effectiveness of a health care plan and increases pharmacovigilance. Such a healthy environment leads to the self-recognition of workers, and all of them work in their best possible manner. 

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