Key Things to Know to Sell Digital Art 

 March 14, 2022

The preconceived notion that the only way to make a hefty amount as an artist is by handing over your work to a gallery owner is a big hoax. It’s simple math – they will take their profits, deduct the other expenses, and give you the rest.

There are many ways you can make a lot of money than using this approach. Just don’t be the kind that doesn’t like struggling. You have to get out of your comfort zone if you want to make decent money by selling digital art. Here are key things to know to sell digital art.

Making Digital Art

Make smooth and secure payments a priority

When selling digital art, you have to prioritize safe transactions by accepting online payments in a secure mode and choosing the best gateway. You should consider having a very secure eCommerce store for the customers to feel safe and confident when buying your products online. Also, ensure that you are compliant with the policies on returning good and giving refunds.

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Making payments easy and secure is one of the best ways to sell digital art nowadays and achieve success in the long run. You need to carefully understand how you can turn your digital art into physical products. If you have enough funding, you can create the pieces of the art yourself and sell them upon customer order.

Find your niche

Before you begin to sell your digital art, you have to find your niche. You have to get a unique style that will set your artwork apart from the others. This is a perfect way of conveying your strengths and capabilities. And your clients can see precisely the kind of artist you are.

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It’s often tempting to be broad with your favorite art style choices. But you have to remember that your customers’ interests supersede your interests. So, narrow down your art designs to something that the customers can resonate with easily. And you will find a favorable niche to work with. What kind of themes does your target audience prefer?

Learn more about the art business

Apart from knowing the target audience, what about the government taxes and other laws governing this business? If you are just new to this business, you need to take time and learn what works and what doesn’t. You can begin with taking a self-study course for art businesses to understand the fundamentals influencing customer choices. 

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They are also more affordable, and you can learn them at your own pace. You will learn more about the tools that can help run the business efficiently. By taking these courses, you will learn more about tools and best practices that will help manage the business. You will also gain knowledge on any illegal items or practices that you may not have considered.

Find the right platform

There are a lot of platforms out there where you can quickly sell your digital art. But at what price? It’s not every digital selling platform that will give you the amounts of profit that you need. One of the best ways of finding the right platform is by choosing the target audience that understands the value of art. Here, you have to consider the number of customers on the platform.

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Most art buyers show preference to platforms that offer original and unique pieces of art. Due to the uniqueness of beginner’s art, they often make a good amount of money on these popular platforms. Sometimes, you need to be careful as the platform may not be for everyone. Check the platform’s reputation to understand the potential sales it can attract.

Know the art’s worth

Pricing is one of the most critical elements you should consider to sell digital art. It can be tricky to estimate the worth of your work as the creator of digital art. Here, you are just making sure that you are not overpricing or underpricing your artwork. It’s more challenging for beginners who have never sold any piece of work before. So, take care and create a reasonable price instead of pulling numbers out of the air.

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You can consider using the art pricing formula and then make the necessary adjustments as the business grows. There are numerous tools on the internet that you can utilize to determine the price of your artwork. After price determination, make a few adjustments to ensure that you are on the right track.

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