How to Organize Your Closet Like a Pro 

 February 27, 2022

A streamlined closet can help you pick items with ease each day and prevent clutter from building up inside your home. However, there’s more to organization than purging clothes or footwear you no longer want or need.

Make it easier than ever to mix and match outfits by minimizing clutter and introducing clever tools and tactics. Learn how to organize your closet like a pro.

Clear Out Your Closet

The first step you must take is to remove every item from your wardrobe to identify the clothes you want to keep, donate, sell, or recycle. If you haven’t worn a garment in the past 12 months, you’re unlikely to wear it over the next four seasons. Clearing out your closet will ensure it only features items that bring you joy, and it will help you pair outfits together easily.

Boxes Used For Separating Things at Home for Spring Cleaning

Expertly Arrange Items

Quickly find every item you need by arranging pieces like a fashion expert. For example, organize your clothing by item, then style, color, and length. When arranging footwear, arrange them by style, color, and height. It will allow you to dress for your mood, the temperature, and an event with ease.

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Say Goodbye to Duplicate Items

Many people have clothing items they gravitate toward throughout the year, such as a cozy hoodie, plain black tee, or a white blouse. As you might rely on the products for comfort or confidence, you may have purchased duplicate pieces. However, it is essential to routinely sort through your wardrobe to remove worn duplicates you’ll no longer wear. It will ensure you only pull-out quality pieces while preventing you from rifling through many garments.

Woman holding up two floral dresses on hangers

Buy Quality Closet Essentials

Every closet should feature high-quality hangers, baskets, and bins to ensure it appears tidy and organized. Browse through the items to identify the storage solutions missing from your closet, which could simplify your daily life. 

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For example, choose from the various space-saving hanger options available at Mainetti USA, such as dress hangers featuring notches for straps, bottom hangers, or underwear hangers. Also, if you struggle with overflowing footwear, place a shoe rack at the foot of your closet or incorporate stylish baskets.

Vacuum Pack Last Season’s Clothes

Separating seasonal clothing will make it a breeze to find an outfit each day. Store your last season’s items in vacuum bags to keep your closet organized and spacious. It’s a perfect tactic for safely storing cozy sweaters and bulky winter pieces. 

Alternatively, you could store summer garments in plastic boxes underneath your bed, such as summer dresses, swimsuits, shorts, and more. Once a season comes ends, you can rotate the garments to pick the perfect outfit.

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Hang Delicate Items

If you have many clothing pieces to organize, you might be unsure about the items to hang and the ones to fold onto a shelf. If so, follow the rule of hanging delicate items in your closet and folding heavier items.

Examples of delicate items include:

  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Coats
  • Blazers
  • Blouses
  • Suits

Hanging delicates can help them stand the test of time, as they’ll be less likely to wrinkle, fray, or bobble.

Assorted Clothing Hanging on White Clothes Rack

We hope these tips have helped you so you can start your spring cleaning!

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