How to Get Through the Process of Getting a Divorce 

 March 17, 2022

Going through a divorce is one of the most difficult tasks a person faces in life. No matter how amicable, divorces are rarely easy and usually end up causing a person emotional distress. The process of going through a divorce begins with a single step. This guide is meant to help people better understand what they can expect when ending their marriages. 

What Is Involved in a Divorce?

Approximately half of all marriages end in divorce. Not only must a person face the wide array of emotions they feel but they must then navigate the legal system. Although no divorce is the same, most follow specific steps. When someone is going through a divorce, they need to be aware of the steps involved so they can prepare. The following are the necessary steps involved in any divorce. 

  • The first step in the process is for a person to file a divorce petition. Whether the two parties agree or disagree on the divorce, one must act as the petitioner. 
  • Next, a person will need to request any temporary court orders. Temporary orders are decided on by a judge after a hearing takes place. 
  • Filing proof of service is the next step in the process. The proof of service just ensures the papers have been served on the other party in the marriage. 
  • Both parties will need to attempt to negotiate a divorce settlement. This is often the most difficult and time-consuming portion of the process. 
  • If both parties cannot agree to a settlement, the divorce may end up going to trial, so a judge determines the outcome and split of property. 
  • During the final step, the judge signs the judgment of divorce. The divorce is not final until the judge signs that document. 
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Meet With a Lawyer

One of the most important steps people need to take when ending their marriages is to schedule an appointment with a lawyer. Even if a person feels their divorce will be finalized with no problems, it would still be wise for them to seek legal guidance. 

If the other spouse has a lawyer, going into the process without a legal advocate often proves stressful. Without a lawyer, a person’s rights remain unprotected, and they can end up with an unfair judgment of divorce. 

Lawyers Take Over the Entire Process

A lawyer will take over all the steps involved when seeking a fair outcome for their client. The goal of the lawyer will be to finalize the divorce as quickly as possible. It is important to note that the process can become lengthy, especially if there are disputes over custody and property splits. 

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The lawyer becomes an advocate for their client and works on their behalf. No one should have to go through the divorce process without legal help. Getting assistance from a lawyer cannot guarantee any outcome but having legal assistance undoubtedly offers peace of mind. Individuals will find they make better decisions when they have legal guidance.

Get Started on the Process

No one wants to face the end of their marriage. Ending a marriage is stressful and can become heartbreaking. Even if a person is ready to end their marriage, emotional involvement often proves difficult. 

Those who are facing a divorce should meet with a lawyer before making any announcements. Getting help from the very beginning is wise. 

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