How to Choose the Best Hairdresser Insurance for Your Business 

 January 5, 2022

People of all ages need regular hair salon services. Whether a person comes in for a trim or wants a full makeover, they typically need professional help to get the desired results. Hairdressers need to ensure they remain protected if something goes wrong during one of these services, as a client can say they are dissatisfied for any reason and attempt to take legal action against the salon or stylist.

For example, a female may come into the salon and say she wishes to have her hair cut short. It currently sits halfway down her back. The stylist removes the desired length of hair only for the woman to be unhappy with how it looks. If she blames the stylist, she may choose to sue the stylist and salon. In this type of situation, insurance for hairdressers becomes of great benefit.

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At other times, a person might suffer an injury after slipping on a wet floor after a shampoo service. Another individual might sue after being burned by a straightener, or a defective product could lead to legal action being taken by a client. The right insurance policy covers the salon and stylists in these situations, and many more. What type of insurance should a salon or stylist purchase for the highest level of protection? 

Hairdresser Curling Clients Hair

Public and Products Liability

When someone sustains an injury in the course of a stylist’s work or their property becomes damaged, public liability insurance becomes of significant benefit. Although stylists and salons don’t legally need this coverage, it remains wise to get this policy. Accidents happen regardless of what a person does to avoid them. The policy covers any legal fees and compensation costs. 

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People often choose to purchase products liability insurance with public liability insurance to ensure they have complete protection. This protects the stylist and salon in the event either party uses a defective product or applies a product correctly.

Employers’ Liability

Any stylist that hires others to assist them in the course of their work and every salon needs employers’ liability insurance under current law. In addition, the salon or stylist must display a certificate that proves they have this insurance. A business becomes subject to a £2,500 fine every day that this insurance is not in place. 

Salon Insurance

Each salon owner needs to look into shop insurance to protect them if there is damage to or the loss of products, stock, fittings, or fixtures. In addition, the salon owner may wish to extend this coverage so it includes buildings insurance. Salons offering makeup services or beauty treatments might need additional coverage to ensure the businesses remain fully protected.

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COVID-19 Insurance

Many insurance companies won’t provide COVID-19 coverage for salon owners and employees due to the nature of the work. The insurers recognize stylists work in close contact with clients, which increases the risk of a stylist catching or passing on the virus. Nevertheless, a salon may find they can purchase business interruption insurance, which becomes of great help if the government mandates salon closures in the future. 

When the pandemic first hit, some insurers refused to pay out on these policies, stating the coverage didn’t apply to pandemics. However, the High Court issued a ruling in January 2021 that forced the insurers to pay on their business interruption claims. 

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Talk with an insurance agent to learn what type of coverage is needed to protect your salon or business in the event of a legal claim. The amount of coverage required depends on many factors, such as the business size and the nature of the work being performed. Stylists and salons must know they are protected at all times, and the right coverage ensures they are. 

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