How to Build a Powerful Content Marketing Engine? 

 May 20, 2021

Content marketing includes educational articles, webinars, e-books, videos, and entertainment that answer what most people ask. It is the best way to turn your ordinary product into something extraordinary. 

Become an authoritative resource about the topics that matter to your potential customers. It will be easy for your target audience to discover you and earn trust and loyalty. Through this, you can strengthen your relationship with your customers, increase profits and grow an engaged subscriber base. 

Getting your content to rank higher is more challenging these days as you have to compete with millions of articles being posted every day. Also, Google changes its rules now and then, so even if you rank now, it will be a different story tomorrow or the next day. 

Content Marketing Engine

A content marketing engine is the secret weapon of a successful content market strategy. It is all about creating and distributing content through webinars, blog posts, podcasts, and others. But not all know how to build a powerful content marketing engine. Below are some tips and guides on how you will do it and succeed. 

  • Content Planning

You don’t just work on something without planning. For example, a house is not built out of the blue. It requires a blueprint to start with the building process. Therefore, you cannot create good content without a plan. If you do, you will not be able to focus on your objective. 

Included in the planning stage is the content strategy. It is all about promoting your content and repurpose it. So, how will you go over the creation of your content plan?

Set Your Content Goals 

First, you have to set your content goals. Then, your strategy should focus on your marketing goals. It can be to attract more visitors to your site to get more leads. Increasing organic traffic to your blog can be considered a kind of goal. 

Identify Your Target Persona 

Focus on making your readers feel that you are talking to them directly. Getting friendly with them is a good idea. Treat them as if you know them for a long time. You should identify their fears, the challenges they experience, their obstacles, and their pain points. 

  • Creation

The next step in the content marketing engine is content creation. You don’t have to get stuck with your content. Get some ideas and inspirations from what the other industries are doing. Do not let your old content get buried by your new content. 

Remember, Google is constantly changing. So, you need to adapt to these changes quickly. You can take good content from a reliable site and create a better version of it. You might even outrank the original content. Revise your old content and give it a modern touch. If you think your old written article is still relevant today, revise it and update the post. 

The creation process involves five steps:

  • SEO Research

Find out what your target persona is searching for. SEO research is also known as keyword research. The best way to know what keywords your target audience is using when searching is to note the questions they are asking. The basic rule is to target attainable keywords with monthly search volume and difficulty that correlates to your domain authority. 

  • Ideation

After determining your target keywords, evaluate some content ideas. Then, organize your content through topic clusters. It means you write a comprehensive long page based on the keyword and link to content you have written on related subtopics. 

  • Writing 

You must be very careful when writing your content. Write as if you are talking directly to your target persona. Use meta descriptions, titles, and others to attract your audience and make them reread your content. Your title should be catchy and must include the benefits of your content to let your readers know why they have to read it. 

Don’t just write information, uniquely present your ideas. Focus on one idea and elaborate on it. It is not a good idea to write about multiple related topics in one content. Your readers might get confused. Use easy to understand words. Do not impress your readers by using hard-to-understand words. Be concise and clear. 

  • Editing

Editing can be done right away, or you can wait for a few days before doing it. Focus on your grammar. Refine your content, avoid lengthy sentences, limit active voice, clear language, and check for whitespace. You can also ask your manager or friend to check on your work. 

  • Uploading and Publishing

Upload your article and use good software like Content Management System to display it on your website. The good thing about CMS is that you can connect your content and keep them together in one place. In addition, you can link other articles to your content. 

The key to everything you do is an organization, even in content creation. Create an editorial calendar to keep you on track of your task and keep in mind when to write, upload, and publish. But make sure to focus on the right topics to reach and convert your prospects. 

Include not just the planned blog posts but also all the inbound marketing content, emails, social media, newsletters, etc. Learn to focus on what is essential and not on urgent

  • Distribution

You don’t just upload and publish your content. You have to distribute them effectively to reach your target audience. The only way you can succeed in crowded content marketing is by having an organic content distribution strategy. 

The best way to distribute your content is by resharing and reposting. If your content is not doing well with your site, you can republish it as a guest blog on other sites. You have to be adventurous, remix your content. 

Final thoughts

Now that you know how to build a powerful content marketing engine, there is no excuse that you cannot do it. Keep in mind the tips and facts we have mentioned in this post, and you will not get them wrong. Let us know your thoughts about the topic, and you can also share your experience in the comment box. 


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