Getting Ready for the Post-Pandemic Summer of a Lifetime 

 March 2, 2022

The outbreak of the pandemic produced seismic shifts for the tourism industry but the good news is that leisure travel expenditure is set to skyrocket, with human beings feeling a powerful need to connect and embrace travel once again after months of lockdowns. CNBC Travel predicts that this year will be “the year of the GOAT”—the Greatest of All Trips in terms of travel, with around 65% of tourists planning to “go big” on their next vacation. The wish to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip, one in which no luxuries are spared and no stone is left unturned, makes full sense after two years of psychological uncertainty.

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It’s time to celebrate the joy of travel, invest in a great camera, and show the world that 2022 will be a summer to remember:

Woman in Black One-Piece Bathing Suit Wearing Straw Sun Hat and White Sunglasses Sitting on Blue Blanket On Beach

Choosing Your Destination

Research by Amadeus shows that when it comes to choosing a destination, travelers are keen on epic adventures, with bookings up for destinations like Lima, Cusco, Petra, the Indian Ocean Islands, and even Antarctica. It’s all about picking the most dreamlike destination on your bucket list instead of waiting for better days. Friendcations (re-connecting with friends) are also hitting the right note, as is active ecotourism—immersing oneself in the wonder of nature. It’s almost as if people have realized that time is precious and that once-in-a-lifetime experiences are meant for the taking, right now.

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Getting Insta-Ready

Travelers are not only keen to visit amazing destinations, but also to share them with friends and family on social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. The fact is that people are increasingly interested in finding their travel inspiration from personal accounts than from travel brochures. Top travel photographer, Chris Burkard (who has over two million followers on Instagram) reports that he has met countless followers who have booked a flight to a destination because of his images.

To make sure you take knockout photos your friends and followers will enjoy, invest in a good camera (the Canon E0S 80D is a great one for beginners), as well as a telescopic tripod, lighting, and, if you’ve got the budget for it, a good drone to take stunning aerial shots.

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Choosing Fashionable Outfits

Travelers taking the trips of their lifetime are also wishing to look their best, with many investing in cruisewear, eveningwear and (in the case of those opting for beach destinations) bikinis. Trending summery beachwear includes 1970s bandeau style bikini tops, bikini bottoms with ruched sides, and 1960s-inspired underwire bikini top cups. The aim is to up the glam factor by pairing your swimwear with wrap skirts, transparent tunics, and mini dresses. 

Going Futuristic

When planning your next holiday, why not make the fun as much about the journey as it is about the destination? Amadeus reports that in upcoming years, travelers will be queuing up for original means of transport—including the Hyperloop and new supersonic airliners (United Airlines has announced that it will be buying 15 of these). For those who don’t mind taking their time, the space balloon, Neptune One, may fit the bill. This baby will be ready to float through the skies in 2024, and it flies at just 12 miles per hour. 

Summer vibes in Los Angeles

It’s an exciting time for travelers, with many keen to experience life to the full in the post-pandemic era. Just a few trends in the industry include once-in-a-lifetime experiences, eco-trips, and friendcations. Travelers are also keen on sharing images of their adventures on Instagram, and they are investing in the equipment and outfits they need to take dazzling shots that inspire.

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