7 Signs That You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer 

 January 25, 2022

In 2016 the number of visits to the emergency room for unintentional injuries was over 29 million. Most of those injuries were incurred by those who were between 18 and 64 years old

If you are one of those patients that finds themselves visiting the emergency room, due to an injury as a direct result of the negligence of another individual, company, government agency, or the like, you may be considering working with a personal injury lawyer. 

A personal injury lawyer will help you walk through the intricacies of settlement negotiation and the litigation process. Most cases are settled outside of court, which will end up saving you money in the long run. How do you know if you need a personal injury lawyer?

Working with a lawyer may sound overwhelming because of the cost. Good lawyers won’t charge you unless you win your case. This means their fee comes from your settlement (which means no charges out of pocket for you).

Working with a lawyer can actually lessen your stress as they handle the details. There are many great personal injury lawyers, like Gary Mazin, who can help you get the care you need. Here are some signs it’s time to give them a call:

  1. Your Injury is Permanent and Disabling
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If you have sustained injuries that have left you disabled long-term, or permanently, it’s time to call a personal injury lawyer. Long-term medical care is a high cost, and it isn’t one you should pay if your accident was caused by the negligence of another party. 

  1. You’ve Suffered a Serious Injury

You don’t have to be disabled to suffer a serious injury. An injury is considered a serious injury if it prevents the injured person from performing normal daily activities for ninety days, or more, during the 6 months following the injury.

By working with a personal injury lawyer you can negotiate a fair settlement to help with medical costs, continued care and loss of work.

  1. Insurance Companies Refusal to Pay
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When a car accident isn’t your fault, depending on the laws of your state, typically the other driver’s car insurance is to cover your medical bills. Sometimes insurance companies are unwilling to pay out what is needed to cover your damages. 

This is where the expertise of a personal injury lawyer is needed. They will be able to negotiate and get a settlement that doesn’t leave you bearing the financial burden or someone else’s mistake.

  1. Alcohol or Substance Abuse was Involved in the Accident

If there was an accident caused due to the other party being under the influence of alcohol, or another substance, that person could be liable for your injuries. Speak with a personal injury lawyer to find out if your accident qualifies. 

  1. Lack of Compensation for Missed Work
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Insurance companies typically will pay out a percentage of your pay for missed work. You shouldn’t have to take a pay cut because of the negligence of someone else. Working with a personal injury lawyer will get you a fair settlement. 

  1. Liability Isn’t Clear 

If an accident involved multiple parties, sometimes determining liability can get difficult. If liability isn’t clear, working with a personal injury lawyer may be the route for you. 

A lawyer will be able to protect your from counterclaims as well.

  1. You Have Substantial Medical Bills 

It’s no secret that the cost of medical bills continues to rise. With the astronomical cost of medical care, it’s easy to rack of thousands of dollars of medical debt. 

If you have substantial medical bills looming over you, it’s time to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer. 

You don’t want to wait too long to contact a personal injury lawyer. Each state has its own rules on the length of time you have to create a claim. The signs that you need a personal injury lawyer are pretty clear. If any of the signs above describes your situation, find a personal injury lawyer today!

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