5 Types of Cannabis Glassware That Are Worth It 

 March 8, 2022

Smoking a joint is good, and having an edible is fine, but have you ever tried making use of cannabis glassware? Glass has always been the material of choice for cannabis consumers, and if you’re looking for the best glass product, take a look at DankStop’s selection here. These devices allow for smooth smoke and clean experiences. 

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, then you know that smoking out of a glass piece is the only way to go. There are so many different kinds of glassware that are available for cannabis consumption and even more now that the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes has been ramped up. All of these are easily available online, but it can be tough to choose what is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the different types of cannabis glassware that are worth your investment. So, if you’re in the market for some new glassware, keep reading!


These days there are so many different cannabis consumption methods for you to choose from and glass pipes are by far one of the most popular and something that people tend to gravitate towards. There are many different types of glassware for you to choose from when it comes to cannabis however by far one of the most popular is the bong.

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bongs are glass water pipes that allow you to smoke weed. The smoke makes its way through a water chamber which allows for it to cool down before the smoke hits your lungs allowing for a far smoother and almost luxurious hit.

Within a bong, you have various components including the bong itself which comprises the mouthpiece, the water chamber, and the place where the bowl sits. Another piece is the bowl which is where you pack your weed and obviously, you will need a lighter to light the weed so it can be smoked. They come in all sorts of sizes, but they are typically on the larger size of cannabis consumption accessories.

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Next up on our list, we have the bubbler. Bubblers are often compared to bongs because of their style and shape. They look very similar to bongs in their style, and they are also glass water pipes, however, the main difference is that they are much smaller and typically only about 6 inches big.

Something to note is that a big difference between the bong and the bubbler is that while a bong has a removable bowl for you to stack your weed in, a bubbler does not have a removable bowl and you need to pack the weed while the product is fully assembled.

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Bubblers are great for those who are looking for a smaller device that still offers great cannabis consumption and smooth hits.

Dab Rigs

Moving on down the list the next product we have is a dab rig. Dab rigs are yet another product that is compared to bongs because of their size and shape however they are quite different. While bongs make use of the actual cannabis flower, dab rigs on the other hand make use of cannabis concentrates and therefore allow for you to inhale cannabis vapor as opposed to smoke.

Dab rigs are also water pipes which means that the vapor goes through a water chamber before it hits your lungs cooling it down and making it much smoother. The various components involved in a dab rig ah the mouthpiece, the water chamber, the nail, and additionally you can have a dabber which will help you make the process much easier. something to note is that they typically offer a much more potent experience, and this is because cannabis concentrates allow you to consume more of the product with a smaller amount.

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Pipes have been around for a very long time, and they are a very niche method of cannabis consumption because there are many other methods available that are seemingly a bit easier.

Cannabis pipes essentially allowed for you to smoke cannabis without the use of any kind of rolling paper or extra actually. These pipes are the smallest of the glassware that are available to you and there is a great option if you want something a little bit more extravagant.

One Hitters

A one hitter who is also known as a bat or a taster is very similar to a pipe, but it is far more slender, and it is a little bit smaller. The idea behind a one hitter is that it is designed for a single inhalation or hit of smoke from the pipe.

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It typically holds about 25 milligrams of cannabis and it’s great for those who are not looking to consume an excessive amount of weed but rather just get a taste of it or just have enough to feel a slight buzz.

How do you like to consume cannabis?

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